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At Gaston and Grand, a Proposed "Catalyst" for "The Gateway to Lakewood"

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There are several items of interest on

the City Plan Commission's agenda

this afternoon, chief among them

a Planned Development District under consideration

for the southwest corner of Gaston and East Grand Avenues. At the moment, the five-acre site is mostly empty save for some unused retail space; Dallas-based Change Chamber Development -- the same folks responsible for

the buzz condos

on S. Akard Street -- would like to transform it into a live-work-play. Says zoning attorney Jimmy Schnurr, who's repping CCD before the commission today, there would be a maximum of 400 apartment units and a minimum of 20,000 square feet of retail space. "That triggers the development they're trying to do," he tells Unfair Park this morning.

"That intersection is pretty much the gateway into Lakewood," he says. "I think it's a great development and really needed for the location and will serve as a catalyst for a lot of other development." Incidentally, the spot is across the street from the Far West nightclub, which only has a few years left on its Specific Use Permit. "It's probably logical to think that will turn in the next five, seven years," Schnurr says.

Also on the agenda: consideration of a public hearing concerning rezoning along Davis Street, and ... hey, hey ... a little club called Cherries. Oooh, Schutze, look -- they're gonna install a dance floor!

Update at 2:51 p.m.: The Grand-Gaston project passed the City Plan Commission unanimously, with nothing but kudos offered by commissioners. It will likely go before the council in a month, certainly before its summer recess.

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