At Last, Carla Ranger Weighs In On Budget Cuts

It's been a long while since Dallas Independent School District District 6 trustee served up a hot sports opinion on her blog. But given the looming "new reality" that has led to trustees being asked to consider giving teachers $10 million to scoot before they're fired, Ranger can hold her tongue no longer. She now has the "budget blues." Ranger writes:

Cuts like these will help to further undermine public education. The magnet schools and learning centers will the destroyed -- this has been the agenda of some for many years.

At the same time, the Dallas ISD Board has an Ad Hoc Charter School Committee working full time to take even more resources in order to open the door to more charter schools. I wasn't elected to create charter schools. Dallas ISD went down that path before with Edison.

I was elected to support, strengthen and stand up for public education with public accountability -- not to make decisions that help to destroy public education.

Presently, the agenda is all about advancing privatization schemes that take away even more teachers, students and resources needed now even more than ever before.

Will Trustees now help to kill the public school system we were elected to serve?

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