At Last, Ship's Lounge to Seek Late-Night SUP

During all the fuss, hubbub and ruckus over the Lower Greenville Planned Development District Ordinance requiring business owners to get late-hours specific use permits, there's been one constant question: When the hell is Ship's Lounge going to get its official okee-doke to stay open past midnight? Well, so glad you asked (you too, Food Critic): Charlie Hunt's going to the City Plan Commission this Thursday to see about getting that SUP, after which he'll have to get that new certificate of occupancy, which'll run him around $200 -- even though the CO it has now is the same one that's been good since November 23, 1965.

Left a message with Tom Forkit, the bartender, for Charlie, who's owned Ship's since 1980, to call me when he gets in. Tom, though, he's hoping that sooner than later the joint gets to stay open past the midnight hour. City staff concurs: It's approving a three-year specific use permit. And just in case you were wondering: "Pursuant to feedback received from the Dallas Police Department on October 7, 2011, there has been no police activity at this location." 'Cause they don't put up with that sh ... excuse me, stuff there. Never have, never will.

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