Donna Micheaux

At the DISD Board Meeting, Waiting to Find Out More About Those "Students of Promise"

I'm here at the Dallas Independent School District board of trustees briefing, awaiting a presentation by Chief Administrative Officer Donna Micheaux on

those proposed new admissions policies for the district's magnet schools

. But according to the public speakers who have already appeared, Micheaux called them all this morning before the meeting and assured them that a non-merit lottery-based system is off the table.

There is still a discussion ahead today of this whole business of holding x number of slots in the magnets for so-called "students of promise." Leaders of parent groups who spoke earlier today asked the board to tell them what a student of promise is, exactly.

I should probably speak up. We had a student of promise at our house for a number of years. Promises, promises.

The board ditched out of the room for a while to do an executive session. That's where they conduct secret business, like asking each other out on dates, etc. Now they're back, and I assume we will hear from Micheaux about the promises.

One parent asked the board to explain why they even want to mess with their most successful program. I'm on pins and needles for that. This is not liveblogging, because I don't really feel al that lively today. But I'll keep you posted below.

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