At the Pro-Hotel Party, It's all Hugs and High Fives as the Counting Nears the End

With 510 of 534 precincts reporting, and the convention center hotel now looking more like a sure thing -- it's 42,433 for, 40,484 against -- Pulle reports that it's all hugs and fist bumps at The Loft at Gilley's. Says Matt, Mayor Tom Leppert was just spotted giving Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway a big ol' hug, while Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau honcho Phillip Jones "is going around giving everyone fist bumps."

Matt also sends this anecdote concerning a meeting with a fan of this here blog for whom the hotel's a very important thing, far as she's concerned:

I just talked to the lovely Kori Haug, a 32-year-old landscape architect and big fan of Unfair Park --"I read it every day," she says happily -- who just happened to vote for the hotel.

"I love Unfair Park, I just don't agree" with our coverage of the convention center hotel debate. Accompanied by several friends, all of whom are fashionably dressed for a night on the town, Haug says she pulled the lever for the convention center hotel because she's for "responsible development."

"Just like Victory Park needs some assistance from the city to get started," she says."I think downtown needs some assistance as well. Downtown Dallas needs to get developed."

Proposition 2's on its death bed: 45,582 against, 33,134 for.

And for those following the council races, as predicted, Delia Jasso and Justin Epker will face-off in the run-off to represent District 1; Carolyn Davis and Ron Price will duke it out for District 7; Ann Margolin will take Mitchell Rasanky's place behind the District 13 placard at the council horseshoe; and all the other incumbents will stay where they are.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.