UT-Arlington guard Cardell Hunter, a sophomore playing, well, like a junior, at least

Attention Ripley, There’s A Meaningful Basketball Game Tonight at Texas Hall

Though it would make total sense, this isn’t a writers-strike retread posting from the days of Snake LeGrand, Bill Blakely and peach baskets. Believe it or not, it’s true: UT-Arlington will host North Texas tonight at 7 in a game featuring local undefeated basketball teams. (Git yer game notes! Free game notes!)

Despite banishment to a living hell that means playing half its games on the stage at Texas Hall, the Movin’ Mavs are off to a 3-0 start -- their best in, like, forever. Considering they went to the NCAA tournament last spring and last week whipped Oklahoma State, North Texas’ 3-0 start is, to the contrary, not a fluke. Watching one of the perennial losers get out of the gate 4-0 sounds like a pretty good appetizer for Turkey Day. Or, you can wait another 100 years for these two to be good at the same time.

In sorta-related hoops news, did you get a load of the professional Mavs last night? Came back from down 24 points -- second-biggest rally in franchise history -- to beat Toronto. And, somehow, they managed the miracle without the services of top draft pick of Nick Fazekas, who -- toldja -- is so unproductive he was yesterday sent to the minors. --Richie Whitt


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