Avi Outs Every Person Arrested for Public Intoxication on Lower Greenville

Everybody needs a hobby, and, of course, Avi Adelman's is keeping track of Lower Greenville's drunks. Adelman, who's taken his obsession to YouTube in recent months, has now gone one step further: He's published the full names of 950 folks arrested on public intoxication charges during 2008. Click here to check if you've been spared.

Dallas Police spokesman Sergeant Gil Cerda tells Unfair Park the department doesn't have a problem with Adelman posting the list; he received it from DPD after submitting an open records request -- and, after all, it is public information. But Cerda stopped short of giving the list his endorsement: "I didn't read it."

So what exactly did the Barking Dog intend with his post? A warning to future offenders, of course.  "Because we have so many drunks," he wrote in an e-mail to the Unfair Park. "To keep them out of the area in case they get drunk again and DON'T get caught...  They are so drunk as to be a hazard to themselves, if they get in the car and drive or if they walk into the neighborhood and get rolled by a bad guy. Enough said??"

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Kimberly Thorpe
Contact: Kimberly Thorpe