Barry Smitherman Says He's Preparing Texas to Become "Island Nation" for U.S. Collapse

The way Railroad Commission Chairman and Texas Attorney General candidate Barry Smitherman tells it, the aim of his 10 years of public service was not brazen tub-thumping for the industry he regulates in order to shore up deep-pocketed benefactors for his political aspirations. It's only ever been about readying Texas for the coming economic collapse of the United States of America.

"We are uniquely situated because we have energy resources, fossil and otherwise, and our own independent electrical grid," he told noted conspiracy mill World Net Daily. "Generally speaking, we have made great progress in becoming an independent nation, an 'island nation' if you will, and I think we want to continue down that path so that if the rest of the country falls apart, Texas can operate as a stand-alone entity with energy, food, water and roads as if we were a closed-loop system."

Notwithstanding the fact that Texas has the most anemic electricity reserves in the country, Smitherman does have a point: We do in fact have a whole lot of oil. Oil, WND notes, Smitherman has almost single-handedly kept flowing via hydraulic fracturing, beating back attempts from President Barack Obama to stanch it. Texas oil production is at its highest since the mid-'80s.

In case you were laboring under the delusion that the Railroad Commission of Texas sees its charge as anything other than promoting the production of oil and gas as rapidly as possible, consequences be damned, Smitherman sets the record straight: "This was one of my goals at the Utility Commission and it is one my goals currently as chairman of the Railroad Commission. That's why I stress so vehemently oil and gas production, permitting turnaround times, and everything that enables the industry to produce as much as it can, as quickly as it can."

All that drilling and all that fracking? It's for the collapse, and a Lone Star that may soon be truly alone.

Over at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bud Kennedy called Smitherman's political consultant, who attempted heroically to walk the candidate back off of that ledge. "It's all about energy independence," he explained, not establishing a "closed-loop system" for when the "rest of the country falls apart."

So, Kennedy called the WND writer. Nope, he said. Smitherman was definitely talking about the end of America.

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