Beating the Bushes With Ollie Stone

Among the myriad chuckles from yesterday's Los Angeles Times piece on the making of W, Oliver Stone's biopic concerning once and future Dallas resident George W. Bush, was this note: Major League Baseball refused to cooperate with the production. Don't know how that will effect references to the Texas Rangers, but it does mean Stone, who shot scenes for Any Given Sunday in Texas Stadium, wouldn't have been able to shoot in Arlington even if he'd wanted to. Shreveport's Independence Bowl stadium will act as the stand-in for the long-gone Arlington Stadium, where the movie allegedly opens and where the scene detailed in the story was supposed to have taken place, you bet. (Says the belittling Big Bush, played by James Cromwell, to Josh Brolin's Lil' Bush: "Well, son, I've got to say I was wrong about you not being good at baseball.")

Incidentally, Brolin was also a little concerned about being in the movie, till he remembered he had the same initial misgivings about playing more or less the same role in The Goonies, not really. But the photo of Brolin as Yale-era Dubya that accompanies the story is ... well, it's just weird. --Robert Wilonsky

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