Because, Apparently, Dallas ISD Will Order Far More Band Uniforms Than It Needs

A couple of years back we espied three pallets of band uniforms and hats being auctioned off by the Dallas Independent School District, and at quite the nice price. (The whole lot wound up going for ... $15.) This, then, is the sequel: Whilst perusing the latest DISD surplus-equipment offering on Lone Star Auctioneers' website -- which is chock full o' everything from pianos to mixers to food warmers to freezers -- I noted something titled "Band Accessories." Which, once again, looks to be two pallets' worth of band unis, complete with head coverings and cases -- for TJ, maybe? Skyline? Hard to say. Too bad Halloween's come and gone, though: This lot's selling for a whole $10. All together now: Tusk.

Update: I tried to find out last week what the story was behind these unis. Never heard back. So I asked DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander this morning. He was up to the task: "Very old Skyline band uniforms." Nailed it, sort of.

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