Because, Apparently, NBC Has Run Out of Actual News, We Get This Sordid Rerun Instead

Diane Zamora gives her first interview from prison Sunday on Dateline NBC, which, apparently, has caught every predator it could find.

The name Diane Zamora ring a bell? Oughta, even if you weren't here on December 3, 1995, when then-19-year-old Navy midshipsman Zamora and boyfriend David Graham, then a 20-year-old Air Force Academy cadet, killed 16-year-old Adrianne Jones in Grand Prairie. It was the sordid stuff of made-for-TV movies and true-crime books, and networks breathlessly recounted the story of how Zamora wanted Jones dead for her having messed around with her man. Even today, Court TV's Web site features more about the story than you'll ever want or need to know, including Graham's 1996 confession.

But if, for whatever reason, you're still interested in this 12-year-old tale that landed Zamora in prison for at least the next 40 years, Dateline NBC on Sunday will air what it says is the first-ever interview Zamora's given since she and Graham executed Jones. According to the release we just received, Zamora is now recanting her confession -- to the point where she takes a polygraph test for Stone Phillips, who will "report on the results" at 6 p.m. Sunday. So, now she's innocent. Whoo-boy.

Also, from the press release: "For the multipart report, Phillips also interviews the investigator who took Zamora's confession, all to get to the bottom of what happened along that country road in Grand Prairie, Texas where the murder occurred in the early morning hours of December 4, 1995." Didn't a Tarrant County jury do that, like, nine years ago? --Robert Wilonsky

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