Because You Know You Wanna Know About Greg Williams' New Job

A few days ago, I spoke with 103.3 FM ESPN Radio's program director to gauge the station's interest in hiring ... what's his name? ... Greg Williams. And, sure enough, says Tom Lee: “Greg’s on our radar for sure. He’s been so successful in this market for so long … his numbers speak for themselves. He’s an incredible talent and an integral part of our area’s sports talk landscape. He’s got a track record few can match. We do everything we can to help better our station, especially moves that can take us to the next level.”

Translation: It’s almost a done deal. Imminent, even. Breath-holdingly close to done.

With the momentum created by The Michael Irvin Show and the national pub garnered from Pacman Jones’ recent appearance and the buzz about Randy Galloway’s 5,000th show forthcoming April 11, now seems the perfect time for ESPN to hire Williams in a further attack on The Ticket’s empire.

But, alas, considering Williams’ past, there must be countless hurdles to clear. Background check? Bargain-basement salary? Carefully crafted contract? Ban on drug paraphernalia within a 12-mile radius of any studio containing Greggo and proposed sidekick Nate Newton? Who knows?

One thing for sure is that Greggo nailed his tryout a couple weeks ago. One industry source told me that Williams “blew away” ESPN management with his preparation and delivery. The April 1 target launch obviously won’t happen, but don’t surprised if The Hammer indeed re-surfaces on a weeknight show alongside The Kitchen.

If you can’t wait, I’ve heard The Ticket again playing some of The Hammer’s infamous drops. It either means the station’s frosty attitude toward their former employee is thawing, or that lawyers have agreed Williams’ words are ultimately The Ticket’s intellectual property.

Bet the house on the latter. --Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.