Before DISD Board Discusses Closing Campuses, a Petition to Save Bonham Elementary

Interesting: I see the Dallas Independent School District has yanked from its Thursday agenda that STAAR End of Course Policy Impact briefing we posted yesterday. Also gone: the supporting docs for the Teach for America review, which we posted last week. At least they haven't pulled this (yet): Discussion of School Utilization and Demographics Study Update, which concerns plans to close (or consolidate, whatever you choose to call it) those 11 campuses, among them the exemplary James Bonham Elementary School on Henderson, a 2010 Blue Ribbon award-winner and one of the most beloved schools in the DISD.

Which brings me to this: Whilst browsing for something unrelated this morning I came across Wendy Quadling's petition to save Bonham. She's penned a letter to Mayor Mike Rawlings, the Dallas City Council and the DISD board that 28 others have signed so far. It says, in full:

Understanding DISD is facing some difficult financial times, there is still no rational justification for closing James B Bonham Elementary. Remember, this school was one of 10 schools IN THE NATION to be awarded the 2009 National Excellence in Urban Education Award, has been awarded the 2010 Presidential Blue Ribbon award, and is consistently rated exemplary.

Instead of demolishing one of the best schools in DISD, if James B Bonham is being underutilized, then increase its use. Extend it to K-5, or add a dual language English/Spanish pilot program there. Just keeping the current students at Bonham beyond the 3rd grade will put the school at or beyond capacity by 2013 and increase Dallas parents' options for exemplary elementary education. Please rethink your proposed consolidation plan. Promote and invest in excellence. Keep James B Bonham.

You'll find it here.

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Robert Wilonsky
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