Before There Was 1401 Elm Street, There Were "Girls! Laffs! Music!" at the Fox Burlesk

Speaking of 1401 Elm Street ...

Before that was built, at the corner of Elm and Akard, there was in its place the Fox Theater, one among many movie houses lining the old theater row of which the Majestic's the sole survivor. I've seen a few photos of the joint, said to have opened in the 1920s, in Street of Dreams: A History of Dallas' Theatre Row, which I wish had an index; here's a nice color shot dating from the mid-1960s. Note to John Crawford and the Downtown Dallas 360 squad: This is what downtown really needs -- "Girls! Laffs! Music!" In the tunnels, if you must.

Says in my dad's 1950 Dallas phone directory that the Fox, still known as a theater and not yet rebranded a "burlesk," was run during that period by Harry Harris. Which I mention only because I just came across this for-sale photo on eBay, which was taken June 1, 1955, by the UPI and stored in the Chicago Sun-Times's archives ever since. Says the cutline, four were believe trapped in the wreckage of the collapsed building next door. Seller's asking $9.99 with one day to go; no bids so far. Adults only.

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