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Belo Squeezes Pennies Out of Charter Here and There. Well, Not Here. Not Yet.

Broadcasting & Cable brings the news that Belo Corp. and Charter Communications have reached a tentative deal that will keep the Dallas-owned stations on the cable carrier in three markets: St. Louis; Norfolk, Virgina; and Charlotte, North Carolina. So far, though, there's been no word from WFAA-Channel 8, which Charter's scheduled to stop carrying New Year's Eve -- and, no, not because of this, which would be understandable. As we mentioned last week, Belo wants Chater to pony up a penny a day per subscriber, to which Charter, thus far, has said, Um, no.

Messages have been left at the Belo mothership this morning, because signals are mixed this a.m.: On the one hand, there is no "tentative agreement reached" banner on the WFAA site, which you'll find on the other Belo-owned stations' homepages. Then again, Belo has taken down its page demanding that local suscribers pester Charter management into keeping the ABC affiliate on the air. Cable. How quaint. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: WFAA-Channel 8 says it too has reached a tentative agreement with Charter.


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