Ben & Skin Land at 105.3 The Fan, Take Afternoon Slot from Richie Whitt and Greggo

Ever since they parted ways with ESPN Dallas, sports talk duo Ben Rogers and Skin Wade have hinted that they had something else lined up. They've just been vague about what exactly that might be.

No longer. As Rogers announced a few minutes ago, he and Wade have officially found a new gig.

That, of course, is the same time slot occupied until recently by Richie Whitt and Greggo, who were unceremoniously fired by CBS last month.

Finally, everything makes sense.

Update at 2:46 p.m.: And CBS just sent out a press release officially confirming Rogers' tweet.

Gavin Spittle, a VP at CBS's local radio operation, calls them "a perfect fit for our lineup and are well known in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, having spent their whole lives here cheering on and suffering alongside fellow sports fans."

Wade and Rogers add their own corporate-approved quotes to the release.

Wade: "For us, sports is so much more than rosters and box scores. It's entertainment ... an escape. Above all else, it should be fun -- and we definitely know how to have fun."

And Rogers: "We live, breathe, and eat this stuff, and we want our listeners to enjoy every minute of it with us," Rogers says. "It's about giving them a backstage pass to the wild, wonderful and sometimes crazy sports scene here in North Texas."

They'll premiere on Monday.

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