Benny Hinn: Hot or Not?

We now know the perfect way to describe Benny Hinn's hairstyle, thanks to 23/

Grapevine's Benny Hinn today tells Sen. Charles Grassley, via the Associated Press, to go take a flyin' leap. Which would be fine, except Grassley's the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee who wants Hinn and a handful of other televangelists, including North Texas' Kenneth Copeland, to turn over their financials no later than today, following an investigation by our very own Ole Anthony. Thus far, only Joyce Meyer has cooperated with the senator.

But that's not as interesting as this: On Tuesday, the Web site 23/6 -- as in, "Some of the news/Most of the time" -- offered up its "Inappropriate Hottie Rundown: Senate-Investigated Televangelists edition," in which it ranked the under-investigation televangelists as do-able or not-do-able. About Hinn, the site offers this observation, among many: "prodigal whore." Kenny Copeland, you merit a "Rowrr!" So, mazel tov. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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