Between the Planting and the Painting, Deep Ellum to Put On Its Pretty Face This Weekend

And now, two excellent opportunities to see (and participate in!) community activism this weekend in Deep Ellum. Tucked into doors of many neighborhood residences this week are fliers for Saturday's Deep Ellum Community Day, wherein members of the Deep Ellum Community Association and friends are asking Ellumites to help build a series of planters that will be placed in front of neighborhood businesses for both practical and aesthetic purposes. That'll be catnip sprouting up in front of Urban Paws, tomatoes in front of St. Pete's -- you get the idea.

DECA's asking folks to meet at 10 a.m. at the Deep Ellum Community Center at the corner of Commerce and Henry. Be prepared to hammer, nail and haul -- the planters are quite big, but there'll be a reward at the end, promise. It might begin with the letters "be" and end with the letters "er."

And twosies: Saturday is also the start of the Deep Ellum Pillar Park project, wherein 11 local artists -- including Richard Ross, Frank Campagna and the Dallas Police Department's own Cat Lafitte -- are painting 11-foot-tall murals along Good-Latimer Expressway under Central Expressway. According to a press release, "all of the proposed mural images are free from representations of hate, sex, and violence," which is ... thoughtful. Except for how awesome would it be to have sweet love makin' on big, phallic pillars in the middle of the city? No? Ok. Guess you'll just have to hang out behind the Deep Ellum 7-Eleven for your daily dose of public nudity.

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