"Big Dick" Still, um, Expanding

Back to my real job (sports) after some quick tinkering with my hobby (radio).

As I heard on Monday, management at Live 105.3 105.3 The Fan has not only fired controversial/comment-creating (350? You shittin' me?) Russ Martin but also agreed to pay him through 2011 just to keep his ass off another local station. Confirmed by Russ here.

I also hear a previously planned Russ Martin Show Band gig at Joe Avezzano's joint up in Frisco on Dec. 19 may blossom into an explosive 105.3 protest, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, The Fan's new sportsy lineup also doesn't include Tom Leykis (thank God) or Big Dick Hunter (what?!). I didn't catch Big Dick shedding light on the situation with Pugs & Kelly over at 93.3 The Bone yesterday afternoon - again, my impending cover story about a Cowboy you haven't thought about it in a long time keeps getting in the way - but if you're a fan of the always innovative and usually intoxicating Wild Ass Circus have no fear.

Because, remember, Rick Dees is here.

Dees signed up Hunter's show for national syndication a while back. I assume that's what the two were chatting about yesterday afternoon as they lunched at la Madeleine in The Galleria.

So relax, Big Dick fans, within a week he'll have a new home in Dallas and countless others across the country. - Richie Whitt

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