Bill Clinton to Cruise Harry Hines (Updated: Rudy Says, "Vote Hillary!")

Courtesy Hillary Clinton's campaign moments ago, an addendum to Bill Clinton's campaign-stop schedule tomorrow: In addition to his trip out to Mountain View in the a.m., he'll now be stopping by Grauwyler Park, off Harry Hines Boulevard, at 10 a.m. Which, not so coincidentally, was the site of a small early-voting rally last week attended by city council member Pauline Medrano and United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta.

Update: The Clinton campaign just sent out a media release announcing that -- wait for it -- Samwise Gamgee has endorsed Hillary for president. And that he's beginning a four-day visit to Texas today, in San Marcos and Austin; no doubt, that means Sean Astin will also be coming to Dallas this week, though the campaign's yet to confirm. Still, it'd be totally awesome, because I'd like him to sign my copy of Rudy.

Update to the Update: Barack Obama will return to the area this week, says his campaign, with a stop in Fort Worth scheduled for Thursday. Dunno where; dunno when. Not yet. --Robert Wilonsky

Update, x3: Posted to The Huffington Post this afternoon, from Mayhill Fowler: "Ground Report: Clinton Campaign Aimless in Texas."

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