Billy and the Jets

Coming soon to the Dallas Cowboys' roster...Joe Namath? Granted, with the way ol' Broadway Joe is struh-guh-liiiing these days, it's a bit far-fetched. But considering coach Bill Parcells' fascination with has-beens who once played in New York, all a player needs to wear a star on his helmet is some Jets on his resume.

The latest player to benefit from Parcells' good-ol'-days syndrome is safety Marcus Coleman, who signed to a one-year contract Tuesday. Coleman, who played at Lake Highlands High School and Texas Tech, is 31, has been moved from cornerback to safety because of his declining speed and was cut from the crappy Houston Texans last month, a stamp of approval if there ever was one. But, alas, he did play three seasons for Parcells with the Jets, so he must be a badass, right?

The Cowboys have signed eight free agents this off-season and filled some key holes. But the one move that doesn't fit--and Parcells still hasn't commented on it publicly--is the release of InvinciBill all-time favorite Keyshawn Johnson, who, of course, started his career with the Jets. Valley Ranch insiders say Bill and owner Jerry Jones butted heads over releasing Johnson because of a mere $1 million bonus, and Parcells apparently signed off on the Terrell Owens signing only in desperation, not satisfaction. But with the signing of Coleman and Jason Fabini, coupled with last year's additions of Aaron Glenn and Jason Ferguson, Parcells should be meeting his Jets quota. If you didn't know better--and do you?--you'd think Bill values more his Jets past than his Cowboys present. Coming soon to the Cowboys' coaching staff...the ghost of Weeb Eubank? --Richie Whitt

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