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"Booty Juice," By Popular Demand

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Got a couple of e-mails this morning asking about the words to "Booty Juice," the poem by Militant X Amerikkan that I reference in this week's column on local poetry slammers. I didn't quote the piece in my article, since I don't really know how to handle the phrase, "There is nothing better on this green earth than having a woman's ass for your dinner." Unfortunately, we have a very strict separation of church and state policy here at the paper, or I'd be hanging out at the cash window on ad payment day for some advice on the subject.

I asked Militant X if I could reprint "Booty Juice," and he gave me an enthusiastic affirmative: "I am tickled pink!" After the jump, at your own risk. Warning: It's not work-friendly, not spell-check-friendly and, ya know, probably a little too friendly all things considered. Happy holidays! --Andrea Grimes

Booty Juice

by Militant X Amerikkan

Warning! Warning! This poem may not be suitable for all black males and Homesexuals. There are men that like to lick the center of a woman's pussy, and there are men that like to lick the nimple of a woman's breast. I, on the other hand, perfer to eat a woman's ass! I just love to eat a woman's ass no matter if the ass is black, white, red, yellow, Democrat, Republican, old, young, bloody, shitty, alive, or dead! I just love to eat a woman's ass! Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-four and three/eighth days a year, all i hunger for is a woman's ass! My tongue gets hard as a motherfucker when I see a nice piece of ass! And my poor penis, well, it's gets so jealous because I wont allow it to tap that ass! Now, ladies, if you want to eat your ass, then just breathe. To all of the men out there, dont shake your heads and dont say never, but, there is nothing better on this green earth than having a woman's ass for your dinner! A woman's ass! It is the other white meat! A woman's ass is so lean and healthy that it should be included in the Adkins and South Beach diets! Fellows, how can you turn down a woman's ass that is all natural and free of Ecoli and Mad Cow diease? How can you turn down a woman's ass that has been marinated in its own booty juice? Booty juice. It's the food of the gods and the breakfast of champions! Now when I eat a woman's ass, I just dont eat it by itself; I eat it with corn, mashed potatoes, salad, cornbread, pecan pie with a large scoop of ice cream, and then washed it all down with a big pitcher of red Kool-Aid because the kid in me still enjoys a Kool-Aid smile. The best thing about a woman's ass is not eating her out; the best thing about a woman's ass is the smell. Please allow me to describe the smell: A woman's ass smells better than Big Mama's Sunday dinner. It smells better than a brand new Cadillac Seville. So, fellows, dont act like a punk-assed bitch if your lady ask you to eat her ass. If you shut your eyes, a woman's ass tastes just like chicken! Now before I go I want to let the ladies out there I am looking for a woman to come over to my place and have dinner with me. And if any of you accept my invitation, you dont have to bring anything because you are going to be the main course! Bon Appetite!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.