Breaking: Domingo Garcia's Dog Endorses Domingo Garcia For Congress

For months now, Domingo Garcia and Marc Veasey have been groveling before increasingly less significant public figures for endorsements in the race for the U.S. House seat stretching from Oak Cliff west to Ft. Worth. I thought that, with the July 31 runoff fast approaching, they had exhausted all endorsement possibilities.

I was wrong.

In a morning email, in what may be the most ridiculous piece of campaign literature ever, Domingo's dog entered the fray. In a campaign that has produced some unexpected allegiances, you'd be forgiven for predicting that Lucky would back Veasey, but you'd be wrong.

In a first-person (first-canine?) appeal, Lucky makes a heartfelt pitch for his owner. Read the whole thing below.

But first, in light of Garcia's attempts to up the number of mail-in ballots, a note to election administrators: Lucky Garcia is not a registered voter.

Hey - my friends and I want you to know we consider animal cruelty serious stuff.

In 2010 alone, the SPCA of Texas investigated more than 2,300 cases of a defenseless animal being abandoned ... abused ... or worse yet, tortured.

But I am lucky.

My owner, Domingo Garcia, believes such treatment of animals is not just cruel ... but criminal.

So much so that as a Dallas city councilman, Domingo took action to stop the city pound from selling dogs and cats to nearby medical schools. And as a state representative, he worked on and voted for the bill that officially made animal cruelty a punishable crime throughout all of Texas.

That's why I - and the many friends of mine you'll find listed below - are announcing today our formal endorsement of Domingo Garcia for Congress.

Domingo has proven time and again that he is a champion for (with apologies to my non-canine co-endorsers) the underdog. We can have confidence that, as a congressman, he will work tirelessly to both improve the conditions of, and increase respect for, those who often are ignored in Washington. That means greater dignity for the homeless, the penniless, the jobless.

My friends and I cannot vote on July 31 - but we hope you will vote for the candidate who has a proven record of speaking up for, and campaigning for, the rights of ALL ... not just those who are powerful and influential.

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