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BREAKING NEWS: No Joke, Big Dick Hunter Returns to Dallas Radio on April 1

While one Live 105.3 alum bites his tongue and cashes his checks, another is on the verge of a return to Dallas radio - and beyond.

Big Dick Richard Hunter's locally based, nationally syndicated show hits our airwaves in drive time - 4-6 p.m. - on KMNY 1360 AM begininning April 1. Hunter's Wild Ass Circus, if you remember, was hand-picked for coast-to-coast success by Rick Dees late in 2008.

Now - ironically just a couple clicks down the dial from the station where he hatched his show (1310 AM The Ticket) and just a few feet across the street from the station that booted him via format change in December (105.3 The Fan) - he's re-launching his unique, edgy and wildly entertaining brand of radio - I'll admit, it's long been my favorite show - on a progressive political talk station that boasts itself as "rational radio."


Hunter could've moved operations to another city, but found a local hub that provides him a strong drive-time signal and allows him to build on his existing equity in Dallas.

Though it's technically re-branded as "The Richard Hunter Show", the format will remain the same. And that means? Sex, society and sports, all delivered in a style you won't hear anywhere else on Dallas radio.

"The progressive political talk format is perfectly suited for us," Hunter told me last night. "In a way, sports has been following me around my whole career, trying to kill me. But the night that George W. Bush invaded Iraq, I had an epiphany. There I was, questioning the existence of WMDs on air, surrounded by co-workers chastising me like I was insane. It was that night I realized that politics is the ultimate sport, and it's always in season."

Welcome back, Big Dick Gigantic Richard.

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Richie Whitt
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