Brian Fuller, Accused of Beating and Robbing a Woman of a $90,000 Wedding Ring, Arrested After America's Most Wanted Appearance

On the night of January 25, 2010, Jil Katz was walking to her car in the parking lot of Whole Foods at Preston and Forest when she was approached by a man who threw her to the ground and repeatedly slammed her face into the pavement, breaking her nose and chipping her teeth, before yanking her $90,000 wedding ring from her finger.

The getaway car that night was allegedly driven by Brian Maurice Fuller, who was arrested two weeks later at his Wichita Falls home after police traced the Jaguar he was driving. Police found several gold coins and another pricey wedding ring buried in his backyard.

Fuller was also charged with robbery and aggravated assault stemming from two similar incidents in Highland Park in which a mugger followed women home from grocery stores, attacked them and stole their wedding rings.

Fuller was mistakenly released from jail on a $50,000 bond (it was supposed to be $500,000) in July 2010 and never appeared for his next court date. Fuller remained AWOL until yesterday when, a little more than a week after his mug shot appeared on America's Most Wanted, U.S. marshals found him on the back porch of his home in rural Anderson County in East Texas. He is being held in the jail there pending extradition to Dallas County.

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Eric Nicholson
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