Bringing Home the Bacon: Spokesperson Denies Bill White Will Switch to Governor's Race, and We Didn't Even Have to Ask Once

At the conclusion of his poorly attended campaign stop in Plano on Saturday, Houston Mayor Bill White addressed the rumors that he'll take his $6 million in campaign contributions and head over to the governor's race if Kay Bailey Hutchison hasn't left her Senate seat by the January 4 filing deadline. After all, while heavyweights Hutchison and Governor Rick Perry square off in an epic battle for the Republican nomination, the Democrats are sorely lacking in star power as Tom Schieffer, Kinky Friedman and Tyler rancher Hank Gilbert are among the candidates in the Democratic primary.

Katy Bacon, White's spokesperson, quashed similar rumors to The Dallas Morning News in August circulating from his vague bumper sticker slogan of "for Texas" as opposed to "for U.S. Senate," but then White himself struggled to answer the question when asked a month later by the Houston Chronicle. White continued to avoid answering the question directly when we asked him four times about it, but Bacon sent this missive our way this morning.

I see that folks are picking up your slant on "Will Bill White run for gov?"

The answer is no. Bill's running for Senate, period.

I think because your first question started with, "What's Senator Hutchison going to do?" he started answering about that instead of about what he is or is not doing.

I didn't ping you on it because I figured you were just looking for a catchy headline, but just wanted to make sure you knew that he's running for Senate, period.

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