Brookhaven Was on Lockdown After Suicide Threat. But the College Sends Word: "All Clear."

One of our own's presently teaching at Brookhaven College, which, for the second time in a week, is on lockdown. Last week it involved two men who'd robbed a nearby apartment complex; that was Thursday night. This afternoon's lockdown appears to be a whole different event: Reports from within the campus suggest there's a man walking around campus at this very moment with a gun; that's what students were told, anyhow. Brookhaven officials warn via Twitter: "If you are on campus, find a safe place. If you have class coming up, DO NOT come to campus until you see an all-clear message!" Update forthcoming.

Update at 12:48 p.m.: Per an eyewitness, there's at least one news crew on campus, which got there by driving through the front gate ... which isn't locked.

Update at 12:55 p.m.: Dallas Police Department just sent the following update:

Dallas Police Officers are assisting the Farmers Branch Police Department, at 4350 Trinity Mills, in the search for a Suspect who called several witnesses and told them he wanted to kill himself. The suspect W/M/?, said that he was a student at Brookhaven College. At this time Brookhaven College has locked the school down as a precaution while the campus is searched for the suspect. No further information at this time.

Update at 1 p.m.: Brookhaven just sent word: "Lock down is over. Campus is ALL CLEAR."

Update at 3:22 p.m.: DPD just sent further word:"The suspect involved in the incident below was located by Dallas Police Officers in front of his residence in the 4300 Block of Trinity Mills. He has been transported to Parkland Hospital for mental evaluation."

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