Burglars Knock Hole in Wall of Knox Street Apple Store, Steal Computers

Early Saturday morning, about 6 a.m., the manager of the Knox Street Apple Store received a call from the alarm company: Someone had breached the store's inner sanctum, the Genius Room, tripping the alarm.

The manager arrived within minutes, but he was too late. Checking the stockroom, he discovered that 15 Macbook Pro laptops, valued at $27,585, were gone. The thieves didn't touch the new iPad minis or iPhone 5s.

It wasn't terribly difficult to determine how the burglars had made their way into the store. It was through the gaping hole they made in the south wall. That wall abuts the building next door, which is open and under construction. The shoe prints in the dust outside and the wooden table blocking the entrance to the alley indicated that someone had acted as lookout.

But Apple wasn't Uptown's only victim of a high-dollar, wall-destroying burglary Saturday morning. Two-and-a-half hours before the alarm sounded in the Genius Room on Knox Street, two men were backing a white Ford F150 through the glass front door of the Texas Rangers shop on McKinney Avenue.

Surveillance video showed them enter the store, then leave with Rangers-themed merchandise. The manager who reported the theft wasn't sure how much they'd taken, just that it was a lot.

There's nothing really to indicate the two thefts are connected, so we'll just assume that they are. So if a guy in a Josh Hamilton jersey offers to sell you a Macbook, you can assume it's the real deal and not, say, a mirror.

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