Bush Bud Karen Hughes Now Working for Top Clinton Advisor Mark Penn

Karen Hughes

Karen Hughes -- you know, SMU grad, former KXAS-Channel 5 reporter and longtime Bushie -- has a new gig, it was announced this morning. She's now Global Vice Chair at Burson-Marstell, one of the top five public relations companies in the world -- and, certainly, among the most controversial.

And it's an interesting gig -- not because of what she'll do (counsel clients ... around the world) but because of who she'll be working with: Mark Penn, the "worldwide president and CEO" of the company who's better known for being a longtime adviser to and strategist for Bill and Hillary Clinton. (It was Penn who went on Hardball earlier this year and tossed out the word "cocaine" when referring to Barack Obama and then said, Nuh-unh, I didn't.) Notes this morning's release, Hughes "Is Latest Addition to Firm’s Bipartisan Brain Trust." And, no doubt, making the world a much, much awesomer place. --Robert Wilonsky

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