Sophia, the one Bush we can get behind this election season

Bush for Obama! Bush for Obama!

As usual, a few election-related items of note this a.m. -- these involving famous faces not running for office. A Friend of Unfair Park with impeccable taste points our attention back toward the University of Texas at Dallas -- where, only last week, Chelsea Clinton showed up on behalf of her mother's campaign. Today at 3 p.m., it's a more unlikely speaker dropping in to the Student Union to promote Barack Obama: Sophia Bush, the One Tree Hill star once linked, for about 24 hours, to Tony Romo. Or you could always just go see Obama yourself tonight in Fort Worth. It'll probably be less crowded than the Van Wilder co-star's appearance on a college campus on a springlike Thursday afternoon.

Speaking of Dr. Change, forthcoming this morning will be Megan Feldman's account of his Duncanville town hall meeting yesterday -- complete with video and, of course, a slideshow. Also coming to town next week: ABC World News anchor Charlie Gibson, who'll broadcast from Dallas as the candidates count down toward Super-Duper Tuesday. He'll be here March 3 and 4, bunking with Justin Farmer and Dale Hansen in the three-room condo built beneath WFAA's Victory Park studios. --Robert Wilonsky

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