Bustin' Punks (and Walls): Deep Ellum Spot At Elm and Malcolm X Just Can't Catch A Break

Just a couple weeks since that really promising new Deep Ellum coffee shop made its explosive exit in the course of a Chase shoot, the empty storefront looked ready to rebound last week, all painted up as a Jewish diner -- or maybe even a proper deli, at long last.

And then somebody parked their F-150 in the place's Elm Street-facing wall -- only the latest indignity visited on the building at the hands of marauding TV crews. This time around, it was Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks checking out the place. With just a couple weeks before The Good Guys wraps shooting on the current season, their crews have been bustin' storefronts all around Deep Ellum lately; last Friday night, their matte black "Dallas Strike Force" truck emptied a whole S.W.A.T. team with battering rams into the McMurray Metals building at Main and Walton Streets.

It was slow going anywhere in Deep Ellum this morning, with blocks of Elm Street entirely blocked off for The Good Guys' shoot, and a fleet of trucks down at Hall and Main Streets for a concurrent Chase shoot. Jump for a couple more shots of the damage at "Maccabees."

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