But, See, Jim, We Already Knew Avi Adelman Was an Unfair Park Reader

Just a bit of inside Unfair Park news. I covered a meeting last night at which people on both sides of a neighborhood controversy submitted evidence to a hearing board. More on this heart-stopping news in the next edition of what we still refer to fondly as “the paper.” What struck me last night was this:

Part of the evidence presented to the board was a post from Unfair Park -- printed out in color with the Unfair logo, etc. I noticed that this evidence was identified as “from Unfair Park,” not as, “from the Dallas Observer blog, which is called ‘Unfair Park.’” Everybody on the hearing panel nodded as if they knew right away what Unfair Park was.

Of course, one of the panel members later asked questions that seemed to indicate she wasn’t quite sure how email works. So I don’t know. I think it means that, on the one hand, Unfair Park has entered the collective consciousness, but, on the other hand, the collective consciousness is sort of a dumpster. Oh, we do ponder ourselves, do we not? Handsome lads and lasses that we be. --Jim Schutze

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