But Will a Petition Drive Convince Trader Joe's to Open in Lake Highlands? We Shall See.

A few weeks ago I was talking to Office of Economic Development head honcho Karl Zavitkovsky about something unrelated when he mentioned the petition drive aimed at convincing Trader Joe's to open a location at the Lake Highlands Town Center, where the city's kicking in millions in extra TIF funding in order to get the long-delayed project back on track. That's the same petition drive mentioned over on City of Ate two weeks back.

Well, a Friend of Unfair Park notes that the Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association's petition drive has indeed just wrapped, with 5,513 signatures being sent to TJ's HQ in order to convince 'em to move there, rather than on, say, Preston Road between Northwest Highway and LBJ Freeway, long the first of the rumored sites. Our Friend also forwarded along a video of volunteer efforts to lure TJ's to LH. It follows.

Too bad Trader Joe's is looking for 14,000 to 15,000 square feet -- because the Blockbuster in Preston Royal is being shuttered as we speak. (Henry S. Miller reps say it was officially closed a couple of days ago.) Only, it's just 6,000 square feet. More on that later. Man, I can remember when it was a movie theater. Saw Jaws there.

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