Do it yourself
We hate to say it, but Buzz thinks Tom Hicks and Ross Perot Jr. did just fine picking David Schwarz as architect for the new arena.

Before you pick up a pen and fire off a letter claiming that we're: a) dumb as a box of rocks and b) don't know squat about architecture, let us respond. a) So's your mother, and b) Oh, yeah? We live and work in buildings, so we know plenty, Buster, or least as much as Messrs. Hicks and Perot.

If that's not good enough, we'll rely on the philistine's defense: We may not know what's art, but we know what we like. What we like about Schwarz's selection is that it epitomizes Big D. As anti-arena campaigner Sharon Boyd put it, Schwarz respects local traditions, and what is more traditional in Dallas than two rich white businessmen signing over our tax dollars to the most sycophantic, unimaginative architect among the competitors.

Granted, the preliminary design is, well, butt-ugly; it's arched roof and glass spans look an awful lot like Lambert International Airport's terminal in St. Louis. But it doesn't challenge the senses. It's not overly creative, and it will feature plenty of places to shop and pee. In other words, it's downtown Dallas to a T.

Maybe you disagree. Maybe you think you or your pet monkey could do better. If so, sharpen your crayons and send in your best design to Buzz, P.O. Box 190289, Dallas, TX 75219.

Is he gone yet?
It's not even official yet that he's leaving, but apparently the jockeying to replace U.S. Attorney Paul Coggins already is under way.

Several sources tell Buzz that the announcement that Coggins will be nominated for a federal bench will be made in early June. (Coggins is mum.)

Three names are feeding the rumor mill for potential replacements. The first is Coggins' second-in-command Richard Stephens. A career government lawyer--not much of an endorsement--Stephens acted as interim U.S. attorney in the gap between former chief federal prosecutor Marvin Collins' resignation and Coggins' appointment.

Gossip also has it that Thomas Melsheimer, a longtime Democrat and Coggins' pal, also is interested in the job.

"I don't know anything about that," Coggins says. "That's all going on at a level way above me. Why? Who have you heard? Who's measuring my office?"

Other rumors have it that forces in Fort Worth have whipped out the tape measures. Terri Moore, an assistant U.S. attorney allegedly is being considered by Fort Worth honchos. In addition to being a popular prosecutor, Moore is the wife of Carlos Moore, longtime Democratic powerbroker and infamous publisher of Jim Wright's ill-fated memoirs. (The payment for Wright's memoirs raised a scandal that forced the former speaker of the U.S. House to resign. That'll look good on Mrs. Moore's resume.)

Coggins, meanwhile, is doing his best Sgt. Schulz imitation.
"If they asked me, I'd give an opinion," he says. "But no one's asked." Still, he's clearly enjoying the gossip. "I'm not even dead and buried yet, and they've all got their tape measures out."

--Compiled from staff reports by Patrick Williams

Buzz enjoys gossip too. Send yours to [email protected].

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