Poised for the 20th century
Sure, Buzz picks on The Dallas Morning News on select occasions. But every so often we detect small signs that editorial writers at Dallas' Only Daily are evolving beyond the Stone Age.

So Buzz is encouraged that the DMN has signaled a sea change in its official attitude toward outdoor rock concerts. Last week, the News' editorial page held forth on RockFest '97, the massive weekend concert at Texas Motor Speedway. Hundreds of thousands of fans showed up to drink, dance, and pass out in the mud. In its sober post-concert analysis, the News opined that--for the next such concert--promoters really need to come up with a better plan to handle all the traffic.

Traffic? Thousands of sweaty kids swilling beer and listening to rock music, and the paper of record is worried about traffic? It was not always so.

Back in 1969--not long after Woodstock--local promoters were planning the Texas International Pop Festival in Lewisville, the first blowout rock concert in North Texas. The DMN's opinion Yberlords were horrified. Buzz quotes from an August 30, 1969, editorial:

"Young people assembling to hear music is one thing. Young people assembling in unspeakable costumes, half-naked, barefooted, defying propriety and scorning morality is another.

Who and where are their parents? Where do these young people get the money to loaf around the country in their smelly regalia?

We hope readers of this newspaper will realize this weekend that the great majority of youngsters in this area are at home where they ought to be, mowing yards, working part-time jobs and preparing for useful lives.

In the meantime, the lewd and loose in Lewisville will swing and sway. They are to be pitied."

All Buzz can figure is that bare feet, smelly regalia, scorned morality, and lewdness are no longer pitiable offenses in the DMN's eyes. Next up: The News endorses fire, but urges further study of the wheel.

Danny boy
Buzz is becoming irrationally fixated on the upcoming nuptials of Dan Morales. Our state's attorney general, you may recall, was attending a Better Business Bureau luncheon in Abilene this March when he was smitten by Christi Glenn, a 28-year-old single mother of two who worked for an Abilene employment agency. She slipped him her card, they met, they talked, and two months later, they were engaged.

Since Morales bought the ring, the happy couple has granted only one extensive interview--to the San Antonio Express-News, Dan's hometown newspaper. During the interview, Glenn candidly told her life's story, revealing that she has a navel ring, and once worked as a topless dancer to feed her two children.

Buzz owes the attorney general an apology. In an uncharacteristic fit of cynicism, we thought Dan--who's going to run for governor someday--was racing to the altar to bolster his standing among conservative, family-values voters.

Now we realize he's really after the East Texas vote.

--David Pasztor

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David Pasztor