Lifestyles of the rich and Republican
Governor-elect George W. may still be pinching himself, but wife Laura Bush has the makings of a Marie Antoinette stiff upper lip. Remarking on the trials of moving her two children into the Governor's Mansion, she told the Associated Press: "I heard it was small, but it will be very adequate for us."

With 2,900 square feet in the Mansion's private living area, we should hope so.

The Bushes already have managed to unload their Preston Hollow home--which must be a real dog considering it has a mere 2,800 square feet of living area.

But decide for yourself, as we let the real estate listing take us on a tour of George W.'s Dallas home:

This is perfection. Updated thru-out. Loaded kitchen. Vaulted LV RM ceiling, 3 fireplaces, library, huge den, gorgeous pool & arbor, unreal 608-square-foot guest house with full kitchen. Great master [bedroom] with excellent closets. All baths redone. Views to pool & play yard. Huge entry hall, pretty hardwoods. Awesome for entertaining!!!

A steal at $445,000. It's at 6029 Northwood Road, if you want to check out the Christmas lights.

Temp girl
Dallas city manager John Ware sure has been busy. What he's done behind the city council's back on the sports-arena proposal alone is enough to keep a good bureaucrat running--not to mention all the public business he's actually carried out in public.

We guess that's why he's never gotten around to naming a new director of Economic Development. Cherryl Peterman has served as acting director since November 12--that's November 12, 1993--when her predecessor, Dennis Martinez, left on less-than-happy terms.

Economic development isn't a minor city agency. The department, City Hall would have us believe, stokes Dallas' engine of growth and prosperity. On a more prosaic level, temporary chief Peterman commands a staff of 210 city workers.

Ware wasn't available to ask why he hasn't filled the slot.
Peterman, when asked why she's remained a temp so long, plays it like a true City Hall survivor: "Don't ask me."

Schlepping with the enemy
The rumor at City Hall had eyebrows up: Gail Bartlett, wife of the very Republican mayor of Dallas, had gone to work for lawyer Ken Molberg, the very Democratic chairman of the Dallas County Democratic Party.

Not so.
Hizzoner's wife just happens to have taken a job in Molberg's small, two-story office building on Commerce Street. Mrs. Bartlett works for two law firms on the first floor as a paralegal. Naturally, the opposition party stalwarts bump into each other almost daily.

"Yeah, it's funny," says Molberg. "But she's very nice. As a matter of fact, we were just talking yesterday."

Considering the pounding the Democrats took this month, topics of conversation are touchy. Molberg says the two avoid politics--and chat about their children.

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