Byrd Watching

Amusing. Entertaining. Exciting.

But magical? Nope, not yet.

The Texas Rangers produced another dramatic climax last night, beating the Yankees on Marlon Byrd’s 9th-inning grand slam. With fans doing that retarded “Byrd Dance” where they girlishly flap their arms like a, um, ya know, bird, Byrd launched the first pitch he saw into the center field seats, setting off another mosh pit at home plate and sending him into a high-five frenzy that touched even team president Nolan Ryan.

Byrd’s shot capped a bizarre night in which Pudge Rodriguez returned in Yankee pinstripes, one fan braved the 90-degree heat in a full gorilla suit carrying a “Josh Hamilton is a Beast” sign, pitcher Vicente Padilla committed two balks in the same inning and the Rangers scored nine runs on three swings.

Look, there’s no denying these Rangers are different, better than any of their teams this millennium. It was their third walk-off win of the current homestand and seventh this season, most in 11 years. After Byrd’s homer, play-by-play voice Josh Lewin screamed “If you didn’t believe before …”

But just imagine how excited we’d all be if they weren’t 11 ½ games out of first place!!!

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