Canton v. Bristol

So, would you exchange your current job for, let's say, immortality? Not exactly the deal on Michael Irvin's table, but according to the New York Post, the recent Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee may be on the way out the ESPN door.

According to the article -- OK, more like a blurb -- the ol' hoarse-voiced "industry source" says the network won't renew Irvin's contract because he's become a "ticking time bomb." Works for Terrell Owens, why not Irvin? Still, don't fear for The Playmaker. Even if he's kicked out of the ESPN huddle, his edgy opinions, Hall of Fame credentials and flamboyant suits guarantee him a spot in front of a camera somewhere. Or, when he gets the urge, don't we all want to read -- or perhaps write? -- The Michael Irvin Story?

I'd get Irvin's comments on all this, but my "industry source" tells me that -- as is the case 93 percent of the time -- his cell phone mail box is full. --Richie Whitt

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