"Car-Free" Kennedy Suggests Hunt "Back Away" From Support of "Misguided" Chávez Widening

I know, I know. I promised -- no more about the city's spending at least $12 million in 2006 bond funds to two-way and widen César Chávez Boulevard downtown. But that was before Patrick "Car-Free" Kennedy, the best-of blogger trying like hell to restore Dallas to walkability, chimed in today. And Kennedy -- who's a bona fide urban planner and designer, a partner in Space Between Design Studio -- lays out his argument for why this is a very, very bad idea.

He also asks Angela Hunt, who told us on Tuesday why she still thinks the expansion is a good and necessary idea, to let this one go. Read the whole thing. Here's an excerpt:

Aren't we trying to get more people living downtown? Since when does taking away developable square footage for some misguided ideal for improved traffic flow a means to the end as proposed in the Forward Dallas Comprehensive Plan and the Downtown 360 plan. These are plans, achieved and approved (or almost approved) through a supposedly public process and should guide all decision making. Why are we backing away from these policies for more of the same policies that gutted downtown to begin with?


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