Carla Ranger: If You Want To Lead in the Dallas ISD, You Have to Live in the Dallas ISD

Maybe you've heard: Tomorrow the Dallas Independent School District's board of trustees will vote on a proposal that will allow district higher-ups -- which is to say, employees at the executive director level or higher -- to live outside DISD's boundaries. And, yes, that would even include the superintendent. Per the proposal, the super "shall be a bona fide resident of the District, unless otherwise stated in the original contract or subsequent renewal contracts of the Superintendent." Which means, right, there's an out.

And one trustee thinks that's absolute bullsh. Isn't that right, Carla Ranger?

How strange that Dallas ISD elected Trustees would now bring forth a policy that would allow even the Superintendent to live in another city on Dallas taxpayer money while making decisions about the education of children in a city not good enough to live in. ...

I don't really know the real story behind this strange and peculiar new policy push to enable any five Trustees to make a special arrangement with a Superintendent in his contract -- even though the official school district policy requires the same Superintendent to live in the Dallas community.

I only know that a Superintendent who does not want to live in the city of Dallas is a Superintendent who should not be here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.