Carl's Jr. to Expand in Texas. After That, Carl's Jr. to Expand Texas.

Dunno, maybe I shoulda gone into the burger biz -- still time, I guess. Because while there's a Carl's Jr. on damned near every block in Los Angeles, there are only three in the Dallas area -- and just one in Dallas proper, at 8800 S. Polk Street. But today comes word that the burger chain's looking to take over Texas by "opening at least 121 Carl's Jr. restaurants in Texas over the next 10 years," with many of those, of course, due to pop up in the DFW. (Again, in 10 years. Or, the time it takes to finish off a Big Al's Monster Burger.) Carl's Jr.'s parent company has signed a franchise agreement with something called RWJP Star Enterprises, which will spearhead the expansion in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and so forth.

I know Paris Hilton digs Carl's Jr. burgers. Just trying to remember if I liked 'em back when I briefly lived in L.A. in the mid-1990s. No, wait, that was Fatburger. But that Whataburger I had last week, for the first time since, like, high school? Not gonna lie. Kind of amazing. --Robert Wilonsky

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