Caution, Dallas ISD Parents: Raw TAKS Data Is Far From An Official TEA Rating

So, if you've got a child in the Dallas Independent School District, as I do, and he or she comes home this afternoon with the wowee-zowee good news that their campus has been ranked, oh, let's just say exemplary by the Texas Education Agency, don't get too excited just yet. The agency is still a good two months away from releasing its 2010 Accountability Ratings. As in, they won't be out till July 30.

The TEA has merely started sending school districts "a bulk of their TAKS scores based on the late April administration" of the test, says TEA spokesperson DeEtta Culbertson. And, as a result of getting their hands on that info, which is used to determine ratings, "some districts will take a look at that and try to figure out where they are based on that," she tells Unfair Park.

But despite the fact that the numbers are far from being crunched, DISD is "planning to release district-wide results next week," district spokesman Jon Dahlander tells Unfair Park via e-mail.

Culberton cautions, though: "We haven't vetted the data yet. We've done nothing even preliminary yet. We're just now getting the test scores, but that's raw data. We don't even have statewide scores yet. Districts unfortunately will look at their preliminary scores and say they're going to be this or that, and, yes, sometimes they can be close. They can look at their scores and know they won't have that much of a differentiation. But we get the data, we vet it, make sure the right students have been coded, then send those numbers to the districts, and then they look at it and say, 'No, this isn't right, this needs to be changed,' and that's when we do a final count and the accountability ratings are released. It's a whole process."

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