CBS-11's Ken Molestina Has "Exclusive" Report on Jesus Sighting

A teenager in Brownwood almost died after going into cardiac arrest and collapsing in P.E. class. In the hospital, the boy and his family tell CBS, he wasn't breathing for 20 minutes. Just as doctors were ready to declare him dead, he started breathing again.

"His recovery has been incredible," says CBS-11 reporter Ken Molestina, "but even more mind-blowing is the story he tells of what he saw of during the time many believed he had died."

The boy, CBS-11 and only CBS-11 reports, saw Jesus. We then have a very teenage-sounding description of Jesus, as a man with "longish hair" and a "kind of thick beard."

Maybe the boy really was saved by whatever he saw -- whether it was a hallucination or the actual Jesus. Congratulations on surviving a terrible medical ordeal, young man, and we don't blame you for feeling lucky to be alive and wanting to tell everyone about it.

No, the blame on this story falls squarely on the CBS-11 news team, which seems to be a little too proud, and showing off that typical CBS-11 newsy attitude, about getting the scoop on someone's near-death experience. The teenager "is describing what he saw and heard during those minutes without oxygen," says news host Kaley O'Kelley, introducing the story with host Doug Dunbar.

"CBS-11's Ken Molestina, with an exclusive tonight," says Dunbar as he introduces the story. When you have renewed faith in the healing hands of God, we want you to think of CBS-11 first.

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Amy Martyn
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