Chargers 20, Cowboys 7: My Top 10 Observer-ations

5. Talked to head coach Jason Garrett in the locker room about Tony Romo's interception. Sure enough, it was half-bad read (he thought Eric Weddle was latching onto Bryant and not Kevin Ogletree) and half-bad throw (too flat to get over the safety).

4. Bryant dropped a first down. Martellus Bennett -- to a smattering of boos -- dropped a touchdown. Unacceptable.

3. Now you wanna join me aboard the Felix Jones bandwagon? Last night on consecutive plays he juked Antoine Cason on a 22-yard carry and ran over safety Eric Weddle for an 11-yard gain. We know Felix has breakaway speed, but when he runs between the tackles he can also be effective. Breakout season looming. Hear that Fantasy Football owners?

2. You know it's a boring game when the Cowboys' highlight is an illegal, helmetless horseman touchdown run by running back Phillip Tanner. And you know it's either a sign of America's Team or merely a lack of star power when the cover of the 2011 Dallas Cowboys Media Guide features ... an American flag.

1. Romo's still at his best not in the pocket, but ad-libbing outside the lines as he did on his second-quarter touchdown pass to Jason Witten. Was it just me or did he give a sneaky "go thatta way" thumb motion to Witten as he bought time scrambling outside the pocket? After the play he chest-bumped Kyle Kosier and then tried to high-five referee Walt Anderson, who was disinterested at best.

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