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Charging Up City Hall: They're Plugging in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations All Over

A couple of months back we noted that as part of the U.S. Department of Energy's $115-million EV Project, which will spend a few years analyzing if and how much folks actually charge their rides, San Francisco-based ECOtality will be plugging in electric vehicle charging stations at a handful of city-owned locations: a Fair Park parking lot, Dallas Love Field and Dallas Executive Airport. ECOtality's spokesperson told us the reason they went with Fair Park was because it's a "destination location, a place where people are already going and spending a lot of time, and it's a high-profile location." It also happens to be the site of this year's Earth Day Dallas wingding.

Turns out, those aren't the only hot spots getting charging stations. On Wednesday the city council will OK the previously mentioned locations; says the council agenda, Love Field's getting six so-called "charging points," while Executive and Fair Park will get two each. Council will also vote to accept two more EV charging stations courtesy TXU: Dallas City Hall, which will get two charging points, and the across-the-street central library, which will receive one. Says the consent agenda item:

The stations ... may be used for City and/or public vehicles. TXU is promoting this program to provide the City with a no-cost way to gain experience with the deployment and operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. TXU will install and maintain the stations for three years. In addition, TXU will reimburse the City for electricity used for a period of one year for public vehicles and three years for City vehicles.
Says the agenda, all of the charging stations will be installed this month and go live come February.

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