Charter School "Streamlining" Proposal Yanked From Dallas ISD's Board Meeting Today

Those tuning in to today's Dallas Independent School District board briefing expecting to hear what was sure to be a heated discussion about how to "streamline the process for implementing a charter school" are out of luck. The item's been pulled, as trustee Carla Ranger pointed out yesterday on her blog. I asked DISD why.

Spokesperson Libby Daniels says the Charter School Ad Hoc Committee -- which consists of Edwin Flores, Bernadette Nutall, Lew Blackburn and Nancy Bingham -- asked for it to be removed from today's discussion. Says Daniels, the committee visited three other cities (Denver, Los Angeles and Houston) to see how those school districts implement charters, but the Houston visit was just last week.

"And the committee hasn't had the chance to get together to decide what to present to the board," Daniels says. "They were scheduled to have a meeting next week, but won't have a quorum." She says the item won't come before the board till some time in May.

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