City Gives JFK Conspiracy Theorist Robert Groden 14-Day Reprieve, Which Means He'll Be Back at Dealey Plaza Perch Saturday Morning

Finally, the city of Dallas sends word. It has no Official Comment on the federal suit Robert Groden filed against the city on Wednesday, in which he says he was jailed for nine hours in mid-June for selling his Kennedy conspiracy-theory wares in Dealey Plaza -- something he's done for, oh, 15 years till the city yet again decided to put a stop to it. But I did just hear from Alex Tandy, the Fort Worth attorney representing Groden, who says Tuesday's hearing concerning the temporary restraining order has been put off for two weeks.

Tandy received a letter from Assistant City Attorney James Butt, who wrote that in exchange for a 14-day delay, "the City of Dallas will forebear enforcement of respective provisions of state and city laws concerning Mr. Groden's vending activities in the Dealey Plaza area until the court rules on the hearing. This agreement does not extend to enforcement actions against obstruction of sidewalks and roadways and trespass on private property."

Tandy's delighted with this good news, no matter how temporary: "The city will not harass or try to arrest him for the next two weeks, while they try to get material together," he says, "so Robert will be out there hawking his wares starting this afternoon, if it isn't raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock." And since it is right now, more than likely Groden will return to his perch tomorrow morning starting at 11. I might go say hi, then get a cupcake.

"And if the city doesn't back off from trying to enforce this [permanently]," says Tandy, "I think we'll go to trial."

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