Who says there's no parking downtown?
Who says there's no parking downtown?

City of Dallas Finally Partners With ParkMe to Abate Your Parking Woes

Finally getting what Austinites have enjoyed for a while now, people looking for parking in the city of Dallas can get real-time data about prices, what spaces are available and even, depending on the space they want to park in, reserve it in advance.

The city manager's office, as it would, praised Dallas getting on the ParkMe train.

"This is a great step in making travel around the city easier for our citizens and visitors," A.C. Gonzalez says in a press release. "This app is an asset to drivers in Dallas."

Importantly for the many cheapskates among us, ParkMe allows for comparison shopping of the myriad lots, garages and meters downtown, which, if you ever parked in one of those $2...for the first 20 minutes lots, is pretty nice. Any savings the app might provide doesn't even come close to being its best feature, however.

The app will, much to the detriment of future sitcom plots, allow you to mark the GPS position of your car -- or anything else -- with a tap.

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