City of Dallas Releases Video of Small Dot It Says Is Tennell Atkins on Day of Assault

Last Friday, the day Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins was ticketed for shaking a 61-year-old city employee while screaming, "Do you know who I am" in her face, the security camera that should have recorded the incident wasn't working. The city of Dallas says it had been out of order since December 4.

The city's public information office promised it would look for an alternate video. Thursday morning, it announced that it'd found something. Before we go any further, please watch the 31-second clip below carefully.

See anything? I didn't either. Not the first time I watched it, nor the second time. Confused, I consulted the email I got with the release of the clip. Now I knew where to look. At about the 10-second mark, if you look at the top right quadrant of the screen, you can see the person the city says is Atkins emerge from an elevator. He's carrying something in his left hand, presumably the brief case he said would've made it impossible for him to grab and shake the woman he was accused of assaulting.

"To continue our efforts of being transparent, we are sharing this video with the public," the city said.

Thanks. That clears everything up.

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