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Clayton Earthman, Admitted Meth-head and Doomsday Prepper, Also Had an Illegal Alligator

Seven months ago, Clayton Eathman decided he wanted an alligator. Or a crocodile. It didn't really matter so long as it had a green, scaly hide, razor-sharp teeth and looked badass on a leash. So, he did what any backwoods herpetologist would do: He turned to YouTube's comment section.

i luv the video by the way, im an avid reptile collector and have been without them lately and I have to have one, i have acreage and a pond for it when it grows up and everything but finding a place that will ship one where I live is another story!!! LOL

His trouble probably has something to do with the Texas law making it illegal to buy or own alligators without a farmer or dealer permit, neither of which Earthman seems to have possessed. That first comment yielded no response, so, still on YouTube, he tried a more direct approach.

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Great vid, could you please refer me to some1 who could sell me a baby croc or even gator please, it would be much appreciated and I will stay in touch and if you want to communicate privately let me no and I will give you my email or you can give me yours. I plan on starting my own small recreational farm so I can just let them grow and be at home slowly but surely!!!

That didn't seem to have worked very well either, since he posted the same message on about a dozen videos. Eventually though -- it's not quite clear exactly how -- whether through his YouTube contacts or the real world, he found someone to sell him an alligator.

We know this not because his YouTube comments abruptly stop, though that does provide a hint, but because Dallas police seized the beast Thursday from the house at 6823 Woodard Avenue in Pleasant Grove.

Earthman, you might recall, is the same meth-, heroin- and marijuana-using, gun-and-explosives-toting doomsday prepper who was arrested Wednesday after a traffic stop. He had given ATF agents permission to search his home in Waxahachie, where they discovered more guns and bomb-making instructions, but they had to get a warrant for the Pleasant Grove home.

That's where Earthman went to cook meth and grow weed, at least judging by the seized items listed in a police report. Officers cataloged 15 marijuana plants, another gun, assorted meth-making chemicals, some glassware and various chemicals. And, of course, they found the alligator, which they handed over to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

By now, you've probably decided that Earthman probably shouldn't be trying to take care of other living things. But, in another YouTube posting from a few months back, he insists that's not the case:

I definitely think we need more laws to protect animals, most animal laws r hardly lax in the u.s.a. & I'm sry but europe & germany have some lax laws too,I mean come on. what we need is more ppl to kick the shit out of their neighbors and snatch their animals from them when they abuse em nstead of relying on gov. 2 solve our probs.

The Gator Boyz never said that, did they?

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